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Committed to safety, sustainability, and ethical conduct. 

Safety is always a top priority at Stena Oil, and the company is committed to maintaining proper safety procedures for its employees. We have been accident-free for over 11 years, and has equipped one of its bunker ships to respond quickly to and address oil spills at sea through an agreement with the European Maritime Safety Agency.

We follow the directives of the Stena Metall Group in regards to human and labor rights, implementing the group-wide business-partner Code of Conduct. A structured Human Rights Due Diligence Process is currently under development, and a more thorough mapping of the Stena Oil value chain is planned for launch in 2023.

There is a strong emphasis on ethical business conduct and anti-corruption, adhering to the internal Code of Conduct for employees of the Stena Metall Group. New employees sign this code as part of their contract, and the company aims to have all personnel complete the accompanying e-learning by the end of the next financial year.

A more sustainable oil industry

Close-up of mooring lines on Stena Oils bunker ship Vingaren

Green bunkering

The Green Bunkering vetting program covers both the crew and the bunker equipment used for bunker operations. And since the procedure entered into force there have been no serious oil spill by a “Green Card” holder.
Close-up of docked mooring lines on Stena Oils bunker ship Vingaren

Waste becomes a resource

The water from slops and other oily waste is treated in our water treatment plants. After treatment and filtering we can guarantee oil free water.
Top view of the Stena Oil bunker ship Vingaren

Clean Shipping Index

Clean Shipping Index is an independent and holistic labelling system of vessels' environmental performance; a practical tool for differentiating port- and fairway fees or choosing more sustainable shipping alternatives.
2022 Ecovadis Silver

Stena Oil achieves silver medal by EcoVadis

In the autumn of 2022, Stena Oil AB applied for EcoVadis certification and was awarded a Silver Medal and certificate.

To put it in perspective, the result places Stena Oil among the top 25 percent of companies assessed by EcoVadis. Cecilia Ljung, HSSEQ & Sustainability Manager at SMI, who successfully secured a platinum ranking for SMI, provided excellent help during the process.

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