Close-up of bolts on a Stena Oil ship
What we offer


Why Stena Oil?

Peace of mind

With us, you can feel secure that your contaminated oil and water is being disposed of by professionals. We are the leading company in Scandinavia when it comes to the collection, storage, and treatment of slops and engine room sludge.


Lightering of oily waste at sea can be combined with bunker from our own vessels – this saves both time and money. Contact us and we will help you categorize the waste in our waste declaration form. We will then coordinate the whole operation. 


Stena's waste treatment plants in Gothenburg and Halmstad are located in harbor areas and can handle various types of waste with a combined capacity of 25,000 m³. We accept vessels of different sizes and offer ex-pipe receiving at multiple locations.

Waste becomes a resource

We treat slops and oily waste in our water treatment plants, ensuring oil-free water through filtering and testing. The extracted oil is repurposed as an alternative fuel source, transforming waste into a valuable resource.

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