We are pleased to announce that we can as of now supply fuel oil with less than 0,5% Sulphur. The fuel oil is available by barge in the Skaw - Gothenburg range.

Key parameters of the new product are:

Density:          0,945

Viscosity:       234 cSt

Sulphur:          0,47 %

This product is a straight run refinery grade product with excellent properties for all vessels currently burning fuel oil in their engines. We guarantee ISO 8217:2010 RMG 380 spec and full details of other parameters can be provided upon request.

In order to strengthen our build up toward the post 2020 market we are now adding 25.000 cbm of storage in the Port of Gothenburg to support distribution of the new 0,5% grade. We are also boosting delivery capacity with a newbuild tanker of 5600 DWT which we will take delivery of in March 2020.

Furthermore, in Q4 2020, our new storage terminal in Frederikshavn will be completed. The new terminal, which will be Scandinavia’s largest for marine fuel products will have a capacity of 75.000 cbm and is located close to one of the busiest shipping lanes in Europe.

The new VLSFO product is an addition to our current range of products of low sulphur gasoils, ultra low sulphur fuel (ULSFO 0,1%) and high sulphur fuel oil 3,5% S which we will continue to carry for those of our customers that have installed scrubbers on their vessels.

We look forward to a growing bunker market in our region and these projects will further support our growth. We have been a very active player in the ULSFO 0,1% market already since 2015 and building on this experience customers can turn to us with confidence for their VLSFO needs going into 2020.

For more information please contact us by email at bunkers@stenaoil.com

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