We have a flexible fleet to match diverse requirements regarding volumes and product mixes. We cooperate with partners around the world and are able to supply both by truck and barge. Please contact us regarding any bunker or slops inquiries.

Stena Oil Europe Map


The map shows our main operational area as well as possible supplying areas marked in green

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Stena Oil has its base in Gothenburg, a key strategic location at the mouth of the Göta älv. The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in the Nordic countries. Almost 30 percent of Swedish foreign trade passes through the port and Gothenburg are at the same time one of the largest logistical hubs. 

Major companies operating plants in the area are SKF, Volvo, and Ericsson. Volvo Group and it´s supplying companies are the largest employers in Gothenburg. The blue-collar industries have dominated the city for long and are still important factors in the city's economy, while the high-tech industries are arising.